My name is Paul Lawlor, and I am a UX Designer. I am currently living in Charlotte, North Carolina with my 2 dogs (Baron – 12 yrs and Nala – 6 yrs). Although some might say that I am “southern living” now; I grew up in a suburb of Washington, DC about 15-minutes outside of the city-center. I grew up in an education-first; technology-based household. I vividly remember the internet-booms of the 90’s and 2000’s, and I closely followed the companies that were creating revolutionary products. Now, it is my turn. My bold, and powerful design philosophies are built into my ever-evolving iteration processes. My abilities to execute a successful product-vision roadmap always include detailed, client-centered listening, as well as a structured and evolving design processes, and elegant and beautiful visual design features. I thrive in environments based in complexity and problem solving. I have ambitions for advancement in Financial Services, Web3 and Blockchain, Data Infrastructure, and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Early Years

Washington, DC is an old-world city based in architectural design and the politics that surround it. I can remember exploring the surrounding city with a passion and eagerness. I vividly remember the soft curvatures of waves made of iron; that splash below many of the monuments depicted around the city honoring heroes of the past. These tall, iron statues cut directly into the physical vision of every living creature around – impactful and commanding the attention of all. I can remember how I would spend hours looking at notable products, and the early software programs that accompanied them. These moments brought me happiness and created my love for learning. I am proud to incorporate these early experiences into my philosophies for my modern, accessible designs.

Design Philosophy

Complexity lies in the detailed structures of every aspect of our modern world. Products, companies, software and applications now involve global complexities, worldwide communities, as well as competitors. My user-centered design systems are engineered to create new, powerful, and bold products for collaboration between all people, products, productivity, and accessibility. I strongly believe in designing products that will be used by worldwide product communities, and creating a product culture that is based and founded in being ultra-highly accessible to all people without complex learning, or onboarding barriers.

Accessibility & Industry

I believe designers should create and build designs with main structural focuses on accessibility design. Accessibility design is actively designing features and tool-sets to help more people access products or the internet and products and services located on the internet regardless of limitations. My ambitions for advancement for my career involve new product development in Financial Services, Web3 and Blockchain, Data Infrastructure, and Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Accessibility.